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tv   News  ABC  July 10, 2013 6:30am-7:00am EDT

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become inflamed. it's a plea for those not to resort to violence should the verdict be against their wishes. these chickens didn't make it across the road in oregon. instead they ended up in a car dealership. a truck carrying hundreds of live chickens overturned. the crash sent crates of those chickens tumbling into cars. people nearby pulled over to help the truck's cab. half of those chickens did survive the crash. 6:33 and today july the 10 10th is bear picnic days. have your lunch break under a tree with your teddy bear. there we go again eric neilson another sunrise shot. we are back in just a few moments. >> so we have one lone shower
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on maryland's most powerful radar this morning. i'll tell you when those showers become more numerous. >> traffic's really starting to slow down here on the beltway at interstate 70 i'm tracking the delays and latest drive tiles for you coming up on good morning maryland.
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the former alaska governor says she's considering a bid for the u.s. senate seat against democrat mark. he's up for election in 2014. and pay lynn palin revealed her possible bid. she was elected to the senate in alaska in 2008. sir elton john is postponing tour dates tuesday to illness. the singer is suffering from
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appendicitis. he's expected to undergo surgery in the uk in the coming weeks. and today's the final day on the view for elizabeth has el back. she joined the view in november 2003. barbara walters said "we had a wonderful ten years with her. after a deadly accident. find out more about the smart walk program. >> and tropical storm chantal
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is causing problems in traffic. i'll tell you if it's causing problems in the u.s. >> things on the west side of the beltway at baltimore national pike, i'll have more on the latest drive times coming up on good morning maryland.
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we are working for you on this wednesday morning. good morning maryland i'm charley crowson. meteorologist lynette charles is standing by as we take a look at the inner harbor downtown baltimore. >> it's beautiful out there. we do have some high clouds and we do have the high clouds with that sunlight. it refracts those bends and that's what you're dealing with, the beautiful colors we see this morning. that makes for a beautiful sunrise and sunset. maryland's most powerful radar picking up on this lone shower coming in around frederick county. be prepared for moderate rain to come down across the area. we can zoom in on the shower as it makes its way off towards the east. you can see around new london
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and new market around ijamsville heights. as we go into the afternoon we'll have the potential for more numerous showers to pop up. as we look at urbana this morning, we've been talking about that sunrise, beautiful across the area. in terms of temperatures coming in at 74 degrees right now in urbana, that dew point at 72. we are quite humid. that's going to stick around throughout the day. 87 degrees will be the high temperature. let's get a check of your traffic now with lauren. the trouble spot right now is going to be the west side of the beltway. speeds have dropped to just 29 miles per hour on the outer loop here on intestate 70. if we take a look at the latest drive times they're up to 15 minutes. that's how long it's going to take you to get from 795 down to 95. over in parkville nothing to get in your way. we're looking at nice 55 miles per hour on the outer loop at harford road. it will be clear up to towson. if you're heading downtown, the jfx we're looking at 55 miles
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per hour along the southbound lanes of the beltway. an 11 minute ride from here to fayette street. 95 moving right along downtown at 395. all in all it's going to take you # minutes 8 minutes from the harbor tunnel through away. the boston marathon bombing suspect is expected in court. dzhokhar tsarnaev will be arraigned in federal court. survivors of the attack and family members will also be there watching the arraignment. he faces a number of them charges including using a weapon of mass destruction. he could face the death penalty. three people died in the attack, 260 were injured. meanwhile a local school teacher severely hurt in the boston marathon attack in towson will be attending a ceremony at the grand lodge of maryland. erica brannock is thanking the masons whose donated fund helped build her a handicapped equipped bathroom: we hope for a slow down in the city's gun
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violence. more shootings plaguing baltimore city neighbors. linda so is live this morning at police headquarters. from what we understand this latest -- not only we had six people shot but four of them in broad daylight. >> reporter: this latest shooting, the quadruple shooting happened in the middle of the day along a busy street in west baltimore. four people were shot. they were all sitting on the front steps of a home on north carrollton avenue. earlier in the day another shooting. two men were shot on east landale street. one of them died. police don't have a motive or suspect in either shooting. it brings the total number up to 66 shootings in the past 17 days. the mayor is sticking with her strategy of targeting known violent offenders and addressing gang violence. >> continue to make a positive difference. >> meanwhile there's a
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continuing shake up in leadership at the police department. commissioner basset replaced some commanders and replaced them with up and coming talent. we're live at police headquarters linda so. we want to touch on a number linda just said. 66 people shot in 17 days in baltimore city. the violence appears to be on every corner and we posted an interactive map showing where each incident has curd. you can find it at the map has got many of you talking about gun control on our facebook page. you can join that conversation and go to the tax bill in baltimore and want businesses are getting a big hit this their property tax bills. remediation fee or the rain tax is hitting businesses especially hard. sherrie johnson is here with more to explain. i understand some of these business owners are pretty hot. >> that's exactly right.
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the wastewater remediation fee, with new tax bills out last week businesses have seen the impact of the rain tax. with homes paying anywhere from 21 to $40 more. one business owner is paying $30,000 for 30 commercial properties. the assessments were based on aerial photography with accuracy down to a tenth of a foot. the goal is to help keep pollution out of the bay. business owners say they're carrying the burden. >> the products and services that those businesses are providing and the consumer is going to just pay more for their products. >> there's an effort underway to repeal the rain tax. and they plan to do some active campaigning to to get lawmakers to repeal the tax next legislative session. >> another recall this morning
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chrysler auto makers are recalling half a million vehicles. it affects the 2013 chrysler town and country and the dodge grand caravan and the ram min thee van built between may of last year are said to be impacted. whether a deal get des moines on student loan rates. a -- they scheduled a voted on a bill that would restore interest rates to 3.4% for one year. that rate doubled to 6.8% on july 1st after congress couldn't reach an agreement. it must be done before students start signing off on loans. that's expected to happen in august. today we can learn why ocean city streets are safer. his death and countless other accidents led to a safety campaign. crosswalks are brighter and there are new signs. tv ads are warning walkers to be safe.
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the city is holding an event to reveal the results of their campaign. cheswick's parents are expected to be there. your thoughts and comments are number of transportation projects happening in baltimore. hartford and hour county are asking for more funding at the same time included aing a northbound lane on 29 between seneca drive and 175 in columbia. also they want to restructure the intersection between 22 and beards hill road. there's a public hearing today at 4:30. a ribbon cutting is happening today on a model home. mayor stephanie rawlings-blake will attend that event. the program cleans up and redevelops old and abandoned buildings throughout baltimore city. a professor at an indiana college says he has found film footage showing president franklin delano roosevelt being pushed in his wheelchair depicting a secret hidden from the public until after his death. he found an 8 second clip while
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doing unrelated research in national archives. this is him visiting the uss baltimore in in july. roosevelt never used a wheelchair for any public appearances. time now for one more check of that forecast for you on this wednesday. could be an indication of what's happening in the days prior to and leading outer loop this up to this wednesday, we could be in for another steamy one. >> thanks for holding it down. as we check out what's going on with satellite and radar right now, not a lot of action across maryland right now. all of this back towards the west. as we continue through the day, severe weather is possible as we go through the northeast. also the planes across the mississippi valley. here at home we have a run-of- the-mill shower or thunderstorm popping up. we look at towson, we have clouds out there as we work our way through the day. we will get some sunshine mixing in.
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that sun cloud mix is what i'm going to call it. we see more of the same towards chesapeake beach. starting to see sunshine poking through. this is going to continue. we'll start to see a little change in the action. a couple of thunderstorms popping up as we go into the afternoon. in terms of temperatures this morning, look what we're seeing, 73 degrees in catonsville, mount airy at 74. more of the same in glen walk. rock hall that temperature coming in at 77. denton is at 76 and chesapeake beach where i just showed you, that temperature coming in at 76 degrees right now as well. at the surface, still the same features. we still do have this area of high pressure out into the atlantic. this bermuda high is pushing in plenty of heat, plenty of steamy conditions as well. as we go into the afternoon, this cold front will begin to get a little closer to us, moves through as we head towards tomorrow and that's why i think the chance for a storm will be more potent as we head towards tomorrow. this is what we're talking
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about as we head towards the tropics, chantal, the winds sustained at 45 miles an hour. it's moving to the west, northwest at about 25. here it is, it has weakened some and is still poised to move towards the u.s. you can see that track right now as it works its way towards florida. we can see it in georgia, alabama, even south carolina, but the good news is is that it does stay away from us. we could see some of the remnants as we go into later next week. going to keep you updated on that. abc2's most accurate future trend goes into motion picking up on showers, possibly thunderstorms. and then that cold front makes its way through by tomorrow. we'll start to see changes in the forecast, meaning not as humid as it has been. with the showers and storms you definitely need to download our storm shield app. it will keep you updated on the situation and safe from storms in your neighborhood. 87 degrees will be the high temperature today. if you're headed to the game, 84 degrees with windy conditions and you can see what happens as we go through time.
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let's get a check of the traffic with lauren. the trouble spot going to be the west side of the beltway. speeds have topped to 26 miles per hour on the outer loop. it's going to take 17 minutes to get from 795 down to 95. we are the only station in baltimore to have any traffic alerts this morning. follow me on twitter. the handle is maryland traffic. no problems on the jfx. southbound lanes clocking in at 54 miles per hour at cold spring lane and clear to downtown baltimore. and if you are traveling on 95 the tunnels are in great shape. normal drive time of 8 minutes to get from the harbor tunnel thruway to the fort mchenry toll plaza. that is your time saver traffic. after ten years at abc2 today is sherrie johnson's final day. she always brought a smile and also a very unique and distinct
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laugh. >> all right. after ten years she has covered everything from breaking tuesday to severe weather and fun events throughout the community. she's also exclusively our education reporter. she will be greatly messed. what do you remember? >> oh, my goodness. how time flies. i can't believe you're bringing that footage back. oh, my gosh. >> no one's ever going to see. we have it. if don't bring that back. it's been a good ride. it's been a long ride and after ten years at this station i'm embarking on a new adventure and challenge i've accepted a position as public information officer with hartford county government. i will miss you the viewers. i want to take a moment to
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thank for allowing me into your homes each day and trusting me to tellier your stories, i've grown so much here at abc2 news. i won my first emmy award and recently learned i was slicked for an naacp award. i'm not from here. but the community adopted me and made me feel very welcome from the start and for that i'll always be grateful. it's been an honor and a pleasure to serve the baltimore area and i hope many of you will keep in touch. continue to follow me on facebook and twitter. thank you so much for the fond memories and it's been great working with you guys. >> and you as well. thank you so much. you're not going that far away. you're still going to be close. >> i'm still going to be close. harford county, down 95. we can do lunch. >> that's my neck of the woods. >> exactly. >> we'll definitely keep in touch. >> thank you. thank you very much. we cannot go without letting you know a couple other
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things about sherrie one of the things she is always a fan of in the newsroom is cake. do a little cake dance. >> i do love cake. and they have a cake song for me. >> we do have a cake song. we have a song for just about everything when sherrie walks in. when she does we get that laugh. >> we love that laugh. we have a cake for you right now. congratulations we will miss you. >> thank you. >> yay, cake. thank you so much. thank you. thank you so much. my goodness you guys are trying to make me cry. thank you so much. this is an exciting time. it's exciting and it's also sad to leave some of my co-workers. but thank you so much. this is great. i love cake. >> she does love cake. thank you so much. on facebook this morning, as a reminder we're talking about
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bombshell in the aaron hernandez murder case. his alleged accomplice, revealing the nfl star pulled the trigger. we begin to see th the surveille pictures from inside his home. and the george zimmerman trial goes late into the night. the george walked out, turning off the lights before the lawyers stopped talking. and good morning, america. boy, they're arguing in that courtroom went on for so long. 13 hours. what a scene. there was so much tension there. >> actually, when the judge walked out. attorneys hurling accusations at each other. zimmerman's lawyers arrangengri saying the state was withholding
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evidence. we're going to get to tropical storm chantal. so much of the south drenched with the rain. it goes back and forth, the intensity. >> yesterday, every model showed why this thing would strengthen. today, the forecast center going, there's a lot of reasons why it won't. it will deliver five, six inches of rain in a part of the country, that doesn't need more rain. that's the entire southeast. let's deal with the storm system. and look at it carefully for you. we have a 3d view of this. the hurricane center uses something they call the dvorak technique. they use satellite to see how strong the systems are. when we put this in motion, you'll be able to see, there's a lump in the clouds right there. disappears. and reforms right here. but there's very little organization to this system. hurricane center believes they may downgrade it as it moves across the land mass here and towards florida. if you look at the model, it does one thing. and all of the models take it across


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